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Buckeye Cable TV, Cable Phone, Cable Internet and Bundled Packages

Buckeye CableSystem, formerly referred to as The CableSystem, is a full or complete service cable company offering TV, broadband, and home telephone services. A complete list of Buckeye’s services is as follows:

  • Buckeye Digital- Buckeye’s digital TV service
  • Buckeye Access- Buckeye’s dial-up internet service
  • Buckeye Express- Buckeye’s high speed broadband service
  • Buckeye Express Wireless- Buckeye’s wireless high speed broadband hotspot service
  • Buckeye TEL- Buckeye’s Digital Home Telephone Service

Buckeye’s Cable TV service allows its subscribers to watch movies on their own schedules. All that is needed is for them to pick-up their digital remote and order Buckeye VOD (Video on Demand). Subscribers may pause, rewind, fast-forward and replay movies. Buckeye’s VOD has free programming available from some cable channels as well as local networks. To those who have purchased a HDTV-ready television, they may easily avail of Buckeye HD (High-Definition) service which guarantees images that are sharper and wider, akin to a movie screen more than that of a TV set. Through Buckeye’s DVR Service, consumers are never again to miss another minute of LIVE TV, in fact, they may pause LIVE TV, tend to other businesses then go back right to where they left off. Just like other major digital TV providers, Buckeye’s Digital Television provides a wide array of multiplexed premium channels, the likes of HBO, Starz, Encore, Showtime, Cinemax and The Movie Channel. For music lovers, Buckeye’s DMX Radio provides 56 channels of CD-quality music, continuous, commercial-free, and available 24 hours a day.

Buckeye Express, the company’s high-speed internet service, provides various internet speeds ranging from 800 Kbps to 50 Mbps. Other speeds are 4 Mbps, 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 30 Mbps. Each speed type promises to deliver distinct features and/ or benefits depending on the computer needs of each client.

Three words succinctly characterize Buckeye Phone Service, these are: reliability, affordability and sensibility. Buckeye Phone Service features an expanded local calling area and excellent choices for long distance. There are three Buckeye phone service packages consumers may choose from. Upon choosing a phone service package suitable to their needs, subscribers may also avail of additional features that directly address their personal needs as well as their entire families’ needs.

The Premium Package may be availed for as low as $39.95 inclusive of unlimited local calls, unlimited domestic long distance and calls to Canada and with 11 free features: Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting ID, Do not Disturb, Call Privacy, Repeat Dialing, Automatic Call Back, Three-Way Calling, Speed Dial 8, Inside Wire Maintenance, Voice Mail and Call Forwarding. For as low as $29.95, consumers may avail of Buckeye’s Essential Phone Package. It provides unlimited local calls with Expanded local calling area and free features such as: Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting ID, Do Not Disturb, Call Privacy, Repeat Dialing, Automatic Call Back, Three-Way Calling, Speed Dial 8 and Inside Wire Maintenance. The third and lowest package in terms of price Buckeye phone service has to offer is its Ground package. The said package may be availed for as low as $13.75 including unlimited local calls with expanded local calling area and free features such as Call Privacy and Inside Wire Maintenance. For businesses large and small, Buckeye offers Buckeye TeleSystem, a commercial phone service that gives a full array of solutions for voice, data and video requirements, including local and long-distance phone service, internet/intranet access and video conferencing.

VIP which stands for video + internet + phone, is Buckeye CableSystem’s own version of its money-saving bundles. Subscribers both old and new may greatly benefit from the following VIP bundle choices: VIP Digital Ultra Premium, VIP Digital Ultra Essential, VIP Digital Platinum Premium, VIP Digital Platinum Essential, VIP Digital Essential, VIP Digital Ground and VIP Standard Ground. Each bundle choice is equipped with features uniquely its own.

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