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Mediacom TV, Phone, Internet and Bundled Packages

Mediacom is a communications provider in the US that offers cable television, broadband internet access and cable telephony as its products. It is said that Mediacom cable delivers a wide array of TV choices for all members of the family. Mediacom presents an all-star and top caliber selection of movies, sports, news, information, entertainment and multi-premium networks. Mediacomís digital cable services include DVR and exclusives like On Demand programming and local broadcast HD channels. Prospective consumers who placed an order for Family Cable are entitled to service connection on up to three TV sets in their households.

Subscribing to digital cable, consumers are provided with clear digital pictures and enhanced sound on a broad array of television and commercial-free music channels, including five types of Star Paks consumers may choose from. Every Star Pak includes the following standard features:

  • up to 15 channels of Starz and Encore
  • Starz On demand
  • Up to 46 channels of Music choice (crystal-clear digital, CD quality sound)
  • Interactive On-screen Guide
  • Movie and Free On Demand services
  • Standard digital converter and remote with parental control features
  • Pay-per-view access to specials, events and seasonal sports packages

Upon subscribing to Mediacomís digital cable TV services, consumers are automatically entitled to an interactive On-Screen Guide at no additional charge. By using the guide and remote control viewers may already:

  • quickly and easily find the programs they want to watch
  • find channels, movies, or shows that interests them the most
  • get detailed program descriptions, including actors, ratings, run times and program synopses
  • supervise what their kids watch with Parental Controls
  • plan their viewing

Mediacomís On Demand offers its viewers instant access to a tremendous assortment of hit shows and movies, including a selection of offerings that are viewable for up to four weeks. Subscribers to HDTV are allowed to receive their local broadcasters in HD at no additional charge. Those with an advanced HD receiver or cable card instantly receive the HD Family Basic channels at no additional charge either. DVR Services by Mediacom give its consumers the power to pause live TV, replay live TV, pre-schedule recordings and record one channel while watching something else.

Mediacom Online 12 Mbps service includes a full suite of security tools, huge mailbox storages and multiple email addresses, apart from the blazing fast high-speed residential service it offers. Its Ultra 50 Mbps, the high-capacity broadband service that uses Mediacomís hybrid fiber coax (HFC) infrastructure, allows fast sharing and transferring of photo libraries and large graphics, downloading of movies and TV shows, running of media streams without disruption and reduces lag time and improves receipt and delivery of all online communications. Mediacom Online Max, on the other hand, with download speeds of up to 20 Mbps is ideal for home networking and online gaming. It is packed with advanced features including home networking for multiple connections in the home and branded premium content at no additional monthly charge.

For consumers looking for far cheaper internet service connection, Mediacom has its Online Intro. Itís a great broadband starter service that promises to give a fast and reliable connection. With download speeds of up to 3 Mbps, consumers may get 24/7 customer support and security tools like anti-spam and pop-up blockers.

Mediacomís Home Networking is said to keep the entire family connected by allowing them to surf the internet through a single connection at the same time. Home Networking lets its consumers to connect up to five Internet-ready devices, such as personal computers and gaming devices through a single cable connection. Other benefits of home networking include:

  • wired and wireless options
  • saving money by sharing a single internet connection
  • accessing files easily from one network computer without having to email or copy them
  • accessing the internet from their laptops throughout their homes

Phone service by Mediacom offers consumers with a fixed or flat monthly fee that stretches across town or across the country. It provides unlimited local and nationwide calling and offers 13 popular calling features like Caller ID and Call Waiting. Since Mediacom phone utilizes a safer, private network including Mediacomís broadband network, Sprintís state-of-the-art digital network and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to connect calls, consumers are guaranteed a crisp and clear digital voice service. Mediacom Phone Service offers Enhanced-911 (E911) which automatically reports caller information such as the callerís name, phone number and address at no extra charge.

Mediacom offers several bundled packages to its current and new customers. Included in such packages are the vip pak, the vip extra pak and the Mediacom TriplePlay. All promise great discounts, savings and value unique to each to subscribers.

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