Suddenlink Bundled Packages

Suddenlink Communications, formerly Cebridge Connections, is a top cable broadband service provider in the United States. The company was founded in 2003 as Cebridge Connections. In 2006, it was re-named Suddenlink Communications. Its 3 main products include digital cable, high-speed internet and digital phone.

Suddenlink TV

Suddenlink combines its digital tv with HDTV, DVR and VOD (Video on Demand). Suddenlink’s On Demand puts over 6,000 shows and movies at their clients’ fingertips. It is said to offer clear pictures with enhanced Dolby Digital sound. Just like other digital cable providers, Suddenlink’s DVR allows its consumers to choose what to watch and when to watch them. The same DVR also allows clients to build their own video library by searching for and recording individual shows or entire series with ease.

Suddenlink High-Speed Internet

Suddenlink’s internet service is guaranteed to be faster than DSL, which makes downloading, surfing and gaming a whole lot better. Suddenlink’s state-of-the-art fiber network, 24/7 customer support and highly-trained technical team assures its clients of outstanding service. As a proud partner to McAfee, Suddenlink offers a very high level of web security. Its email has a storage capacity of 2GB which makes sending, receiving and storing large files a breeze. Suddenlink’s wifi @Home lets its consumers to access the internet from anywhere in their houses. Installation is neither a problem nor an issue because Suddenlink provides professional help.

Suddenlink Digital Phone

Phone service by Suddenlink allows its subscribers to have unlimited local and long-distance calls for one low rate. With Suddenlink’s phone service, subscribers may keep their current phone and phone number. As clarity in phone conversations is highly-sought by consumers, Suddenlink promises crystal-clear digital service that lets its consumers to hear every word whether it’s a local call or an international one. Incoming call details may be seen on the tv screen through Suddenlink’s TV Caller ID which is free with qualifying Digital TV and Phone bundles.

Suddenlink Bundles

Bundled package by Suddenlink, gives its potential subscribers up to 200 channels on digital tv, downloading speeds of up to 8 Mbps on high-speed internet and unlimited local and long distance calls thru its digital phone service for as low as $105/mo.

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